User Experience is getting more and more important to organizations. As designers need to be and should be part of the strategic conversation of your organization improving the end user experience.

If you are interested in a positive ROI of UX then have a look at DesignOps for your organization. User-Centered and Design-Thinking processes are there to solve problems, your ux problems. It’s more and more important to look at the way designers and UX teams work, work together and how they interact within your organization with other teams. It is important to create efficient workflows and hire the people with the right skills and skillset so you can improve the quality they deliver. This will have a great impact on the design output.

DesignOps is meant to implement a strategic ux structure in your organization so your designers can focus on creating end user experience value for your organization. DesignOps is not just meant for your designers. It also applies on everybody that is involved in your user-centered or design-thinking processes. Like user researchers, ui designers, content creators, service designers, communication specialists and everybody else who contributes to your organizations end user experiences.

So DesignOps will focus on these 3 areas:

  • How your teams work together
  • How the work gets done
  • How the work creates impact

How your teams work together

This will focus on how you organize, collaborate as DesignOps teams and how the individual team members operate.

How the work gets done

Standardize the way you’re designers work, by creating principles, design processes and provide consistent tools and toolsets.

Harmonize by creating Design Systems, Research repositories and Digital Asset Libraries.

Prioritize by allocating the correct team members and set correct estimations and create a balancing workflow.

How the work creates impact

Measure what the output is by using metrics, standards in design and correct agile definitions.

Socialize your team culture by let them deliver success stories give them credit and educate your organization.

Enable your team members with education/training so they can keep up with trends and continue to be of value to you and especially your end users.

So DesignOps is not new!

DesignOps is not new but it’s a way of enabling your designers and those involved in your end-user-experience to collaborate and work together and provide your end users with a better experience. It’s a mindset to design a better end user experience.

So if you want to know more about DesignOps do let me know!